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Name:Caroline Forbes
[Muse and Mun 18+]

Fandom: TVD
Age: 18
Bio: Caroline is the daughter of the sheriff of Mystic Falls, Liz Forbes, with whom she has a troubled relationship. Her father left her and her mother when he came clean about being gay. In the beginning she is shown as shallow, self-absorbed and jealous of Elena, however during the series Caroline becomes a nicer person. She later starts a relationship with Matt Donovan. In season two Caroline is turned into a vampire after drinking Damon's blood, being killed by Katherine and unwillingly killing a boy and feeding on him. Stefan Salvatore helps Caroline to control her lust for blood and they start to build a friendship. After turning, she also becomes closer to Elena. She discovers that she is not able to control her lust when she is around Matt and therefore tricks him into breaking up with her for his own safety. When Tyler Lockwood is turned into a werewolf, Caroline helps him and he starts to develop romantic feelings for her. However Caroline is still in love with Matt and they get back together as soon as Tyler leaves town. Matt later finds out that Caroline is a vampire and he also tells her mother. At first they don't accept her, but when they realize that Caroline has retained her humanity, they do. However, Matt still breaks up with her, due to the fact that he has enough problems and doesn't want to deal with the fact that he's dating a vampire as well. When Tyler returns to Mystic Falls, he and Caroline become closer and in the season three premiere they sleep together. However, Carol Lockwood finds out Caroline is a vampire and contacts her father, Bill Forbes. He thinks Caroline is a monster and tries to "fix" her, but she is saved by her mother and Tyler and Bill later leaves town. Caroline and Tyler then become an official couple. However, they break up when Tyler says that he is okay with being sired to Klaus. Later on, they again get together as Tyler succeeds to break his sire bond. But Klaus develops an interest for her as well, which everyone uses against him via her a lot of the time. After the hybrid are killed and Tyler on the run has to leave yet again. Caroline focus on school and her friends, wanting to take care of, control situations, and be conflicted with the fatal attraction she might have with Klaus, but she remains loyal to Tyler.

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